Florian Porada


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Hi, I'm Florian. I'm an antidisciplinary developer who builds software, hardware and everything in between. I use technology to explore and discover the gateways between systems and humans.

The projects I'm working on are not always about building digital services. Visualizing complex information in a meaningful way by analysing different data sources or building physical objects for Edge-Computing & IoT Design are also fields I'm enthusiastic about.

When exploring new ideas and projects, I have to work out whether I need to discover, build and validate the technology or whether I can use existing tools and processes for a best practice approach. Most of the times it is something in the middle.

For me this means you have to be able to bring an idea to live quickly, so that you have an artifact which you can iterate on. I mostly use modern JavaScript for this process. It gives me the freedom of outlining concepts either on the user-facing side with e.g. ReactJS or React-Native or to implement a sketch of a backend service in a Node.js environment. By using ECMAScript in this manner, shifting features from back- to frontend and vice versa enables me to create functional prototypes rapidly. By automating the in-between steps with different tools, I have more time to explore other approaches and paths to open up the space for options to discuss.

My main goal is to find problems by using technology in order to figure out possible solutions.